Unusual Tables

There are many examples of unusual pool tables out there.

Some are clever. Some are weird. Others look real fun. Many will have you scratching your head, wondering “How do they play on that?” or “Why do they play on that?”

Get your head round these…………………










Might need a few drinks to survive this one. A pool table shaped like a doughnut.                           With14 balls each to pot this must be a fascinating game. 


The Banana Table made by designer Cléon Daniel and carpenter Julien Forder







Ref: ekaandoto.com             Left or Right? No quick games on this oddball table.










car pool
















Brit Drive-In     based on a Mini Cooper car


Shelby Drive-In


Ice Cool Pool


Sponsored round table 


Digital glow pool















Could you seriously play a game of pool on this? Looks like a headache waiting to happen. It’s called Cue Light by Obscura Digital. The Hard Rock Cafe in Vegas has one installed; watch the video here (Ref Trend Hunter & Obscura Digital)


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