The Covid-19 Virus Effect

Lockdown blues? Cabin fever! Have you suffered? Most people have. Being stuck at home under lockdown isn’t much fun.

We hope you haven’t been affected directly by the horrible virus that is sweeping the planet at the moment but the chances are you have been subjected to some form of lockdown restriction meaning you can’t go out much and probably can’t have friends round either. You’re also probably fed up with the TV and even games consoles. Having a pool or football table is great at times like this. They offer a fantastic alternative to the usual array of entertainments and can result in some great nights in.

Sales of pool tables, table tennis and football tables have gone through the roof during the virus lockdown. Many companies are reporting low stock and delayed deliveries.


Don’t worry. We have your back. Table Game World is updating the information on the site to accurately reflect the new reality. If tables are no longer available or deliveries are affected in any way ……………we will let you know.

If you do order anything it is best to assume that delivery WILL be affected, particularly on larger items such as pool tables and football tables.

We know it’s frustrating. Some people are calling this…….the “Coronavirus break” in pool.

We recommend staying calm………………

Is it possible to play table games and keep a safe social distance?

Well it doesn’t seem to be affecting these guys too much………………


Seriously though, is social distancing still possible?

Pool – yes definitely.

Table tennis –.in singles…..easily; more difficult when playing doubles, maybe.

Darts?  Yeah……..simple………just back off when not throwing.

Table football – more difficult perhaps as tables are not over 1 metre wide. However just stand back from the table and extend your arms so that you are not breathing into your opponent’s face. Might affect your power shot from the back players and maybe your ball skills on the front three ………….but you’ll still be able to have a great game.

Have fun.

Stay safe.