Copyright and DCMA Notices

At Table Game World we want to play the game right.

All articles and posts on this website are Copyright and may not be copied or reproduced in any form.  Sometimes we publish guest posts and articles. These are indicated by the author’s name with the article; the original author retains copyright.

Our images and pictures are sources from a wide variety of places. We’ve even taken some of the pictures ourselves.

We wish to acknowledge all image sources and give credit, reference and links to appropriate websites, where possible, that hold what we believe to be the original image rights.

There are 3 main sources for out images

  1. Photo image libraries: most of our images are purchased correctly with the appropriate licence for display on this website.
  2. Creative Commons: some images are freely available under the Creative Commons Licence.
  3. From other websites on the internet: we have acknowledged  the source of these images and have credited the site or individual who we believe to be the original source of the image. We are happy to provide a link to that website if required. A reciprocal backlink would be appreciated if possible. Thank you.

There are a small number of images where we have attempted to request permission to use but have received no reply. We have decided to continue use until a DCMA Notice or a polite request to remove is received.

If the owner of copyright has not been identified by us and they would prefer that we removed the image, we will do so. To request removal of an image please contact us with the subject line DCMA Notice re image, giving us details of the image and which page it is on.

We will endeavour to remove the image as soon as we can; usually within 7 days of receiving the notice and definitely within 60 days.

No offence intended.

Thank you

Table Game World

22 August 2017