Luxury Pool Tables

Luxury Pool Tables

Brunswick top of range pool table

This top of the range Brunswick pool table will set you back $9,000

Who’d like to own a luxury pool table with a stylish modern design that impresses the moment you catch sight of it? Most people for sure. However, the price tag that comes with the most luxurious deluxe tables put them within reach of only the super-rich. Only the very top film stars, pop stars, sporting heroes at the pinnacle of their game plus of course jackpot lottery winners need fill out the enquiry form.

Unusual or unique design and style are the usual hallmarks of a top of the range deluxe pool table. Most are custom made, sometimes from unusual materials such as glass or marble. A high price tag allows designers to unleash their creative best as the desire to own something completely different from anyone else is often the first instruction on their building instructions.

A glance through some of these incredible images reveals designs of an unusual and varied nature with much thought going into the legs that support the playing surface. Traditional solid wood legs at each corner made from oak or cedar or slanting supports that rise gracefully from a central point towards each end of the table or a central stalk-like structure that robustly holds the playing surface in a perfectly horizontal level plane.

Really want to impress your visitors? Have a circular pool table! Or one shaped like a banana. How about one with a hole in the middle to help access those awkward shots – a polo table? Some designers have created a table based on a car design where the seats have been replaced with a pool playing area. (See our Bizzare & Unusual Pool Tables post).

At this level, slate is usually the first choice but where weight is a factor slim line tables may utilise glass, gold, plastic, fibre glass or some other man-made material to strike that unique note.

lightweight luxury pool table

A lightweight powder coated Fusion table for $10k



These tables are not off the shelf. Each one is custom designed often after hours of discussion with the       potential new owner and many weeks of specialised construction on each table to deliver the desired effect.







There a small number of exclusive specialist table manufacturers. Some of these are established pool and billiard table makers with years of experience. Others are experienced furniture makers with a great reputation who are able to turn their skills and craftsmanship to making a top quality pool table.

There are also a few specialist craftsmen who have the skill, wherewithal and facilities to make custom table to order.

However, beware the high profit margins on these extortionately priced tables have also attracted some chancers with more marketing prowess than craftsmanship. The result is often a very good looking poorly made table that won’t stand up to the rigours of a tough, competitive game of pool being played regularly. The end result is usually frustration, disappointment, a dented bank balance and law suits over refunds. A custom made table usually isn’t wanted by anyone else.

We couldn’t begin to put together a list companies that claim to have exclusive custom made pool table design capabilities but the following list of long standing manufacturers is a good starting point for enquiries about ordering a top end deluxe or customised pool table for your Rec Room: Brunswick, Olhausen, Imperial, Presidential, Shelti, or Empire,

Deluxe luxury pool tables don’t come cheap. They are extortionately expensive. For some of course having an expensive pool table in the lounge or game room is a badge of honour. The most expensive table we have come across so far is $67,000. (Let us know if you have found one higher, please). Tables costing $15,000 to 30,000 are fairly common with many reputable manufacturers with even more tables in the $5,000 to $15,000 range.

modern luxury pool table

A Cosmopolitan Contemporary Pool Table from B A Tables

Profit margins on these tables are massive. If mistakes are made, refunds are rare and keenly fought over because no one wants some-one else’s table. A reasonable point perhaps. Would you?

So who buys these outrageously overpriced tables? People with a sense of style. People wanting to impress someone else.

Customised pool tables are often found in private, exclusive clubs where members pay high membership fees to ensure privacy and exclusivity ………………and the right to play pool on a masterpiece of design and style.

Where can these luxury tables be found? In private clubs, homes of the super-rich, houses and villas of the stars of stage and screen and sporting superstars. Not everyone likes pool course but often a luxury pool table is seen as a must have accessory so a visit to many mansions, palaces or villas, will reveal a table to swoon over. Exclusive clubs and bars have such tables.

Many, of course, are found in the ubiquitous man-cave; be that a sumptuous outhouse in the garden of a large house or the penthouse apartment of a rich singleton who wants to impress his mates.

They look good. They feel good. Their owners are proud of them and are ultra-protective of them. Some are for display only! Yes, really. I know some people who will only allow ‘selected’ friends to play a game pool on their precious jewel and would actually prefer if they declined. What a waste.

Unfortunately a lot of people get ripped off when buying pool tables. It’s an unusual purchase. One that isn’t made very often and, unless you are a professional player or a pool hall manager, it involves making decisions about something you will have very little real world knowledge about. So it is with most people to whom a luxury pool table is petty cash. What they end up getting may look good but often doesn’t produce a good game of pool and, truth be known, probably won’t get used very often.

slim line pool table

A very neat slim line table from the UK maker Michael Allen

Still, let’s not allow that small thought to put us off. Feast your eyes on this range of de-luxe tables (manufacturers are shown with each one if you are tempted.

Such luxury brings it’s own set of problems of course. Warranties and guarantees often turn out to be worthless with many opportunistic sellers of deluxe tables. The files of many top lawyers are full of disputes over quality, delivery, unexpected damage. One particular case comes to mind where the new owner of a glass topped pool table in California for which he paid $73,000 was furious to discover he should have used specially coated balls that were supplied with the table. He didn’t and ruined the table after the first game was played on it with a set of standard pool balls.

Apparently the makers did include a note in the packaging which clearly stated that only the specially supplied balls which allowed a silent roll at a cloth like pace should be used on this ultra modern table. Claim and counter claim took place. This case dates back to 2012. Try as I have I can’t find the outcome. Does anybody know?

Here it is. The especial expensive glass top table in question.

I don’t even like it………….. wouldn’t have paid $100 for it.
I’m pretty sure that my judgement would have been the same as 99.9% of people that read this article).

Oh Well! There you go. More money than sense. A problem in some places!

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