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Review: Atomic Pro Force Foosball table

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We’re looking at foosball tables in the budget conscious price range so top quality tables aren’t located here. However, this table is at the upper end of the budget range that we are including in this section, so it is worth serious consideration as a family table because the price is very attractive.



Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

The Atomic Pro is a reasonably good table for the money. It is ideal for young children and teenagers who like the game and want to play regularly. The table is quite well built and looks good. However, it is only really suitable for light play. It is not built for a regular aggressive playing style. The construction simply isn’t strong enough. Treated well with gentler style of play the table may well last several years.

It has a thin laminate playing surface fixed onto a ½” MDF base. This produces a flat level playing surface with a fast and true ball roll. Players are solid and well-made and are fixed securely to strengthened hollow steel rods with shaped handles for a firm grip. The hollow rods have a light feel which is ideal for younger children and teens. Sides have a buffer which helps produce continuous play.

The Atomic Pro Force has strong legs with built-in levelers for easy adjustment if the table is placed on uneven surfaces. Weighing-in at over 100lbs it is a solid and stable table.

A simple abacus style scoring counter is included and the ball returns are at the ends, behind each goal which some people prefer.

It looks good – wood finish and modern looking black legs. It’s a smaller sized table (4’8”  x  2’51/2 ”) so it really is a starter table for younger players.


Look, we believe in being up front and honest about all the tables we review on Table Game World. There are some features which any potential buyer should be aware of. The table is imported from China. The overall design, component quality and manufacture are not as good as other tables priced a little higher

As with all lightweight tables, the fixings simply will not withstand continuous heavy usage. It is made from light MDF which is 1” thick but not the best quality. Continuous heavy usage will cause wear, loosening and wobbling of the legs and possibly splitting of the cabinet. The MDF is unsealed so will soak up moisture like a sponge so it mustn’t be used outdoors and interior moisture from central heating systems and kitchens / bathrooms will also provide unwanted moisture.

Some buyers have reported that the table is not easy to assemble. Also the rods will bend out of shape if used roughly.


Serious players would be advised to spend a little more to get a tougher, heavier and sturdier table.

Verdict: for the price – a good table which will produce many hours of happy playing time. This table is for beginners, younger children and teenagers. There are better, stronger tables but they cost more.

Don’t expect it to last 10 years – it won’t. Nonetheless a good table that will produce hours of fun for everyone.


Click here for best current price on Amazon.

Review: Tornado T-3000

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Tornado T-3000

If you are looking for a good quality football table that will last for years…….you’ve just found it……because although this table is just one of many good tables made by one of the leading names in the industry…………this one is something special. Here is a comprehensive review of  the Tornado T-3000 table football game.

Tornado are a leading manufacturer of football tables. Little doubt about that, they have been around for over 40 years and sponsor numerous tournaments and competitions across the country. This is possibly Tornado’s best quality commercial table currently available and possibly the best table in this price bracket from any manufacturer anywhere. This model is for home use as there is no coin mechanism but it has the same robust build as the arcade models that have the coin slot attachment built in.

It is a best-selling table both commercially and privately. The T-3000 is fully approved by the International Table Soccer Foundation (ITSF) and is commonly used in tournaments around the planet.

Manufacturing quality is very high. The cabinet is constructed from steel and top quality laminate providing a sound and solid base to play the game on.

Player rods are made from toughened steel and will withstand endless rough treatment (remember people playing in an arcade usually don’t give a damn about mistreating the table). The T-3000’s extra thick rods are lighter than many tables and have split bearings for more responsive play.

Handles are solid, strongly attached to the rods and easy to grip continuously during game play. Individual players are molded, shaped for skillful ball manipulation and counter-balanced for fast shot play and control.

All of these features are supported by extra strong thick legs (each with it’s own easily adjustable leveler) which allow the table to be positioned on less than perfectly level flooring.

All of this means your table will last for many years and produce exhilarating match play for new players and experienced players alike.

Almost anyone who has bought one of these tables raves about it. “Simply the best”, “the best table on the market”,  “everything about it is quality”, “Heavy, solid and durable” are typical comments about the T-3000.

The only negative comments I have seen in the past 6 months are about poor service or delivery.

And here’s why…………a small number of people had poor service when dealing with Tornado Customer Services.  The issues seem to centre around some confusing descriptions of the product………and here’s why – product descriptions of the T-3000 mention    a 3 goalie version and AND a single goalie version. It seems some people ordered the T-3000 expecting a single goalie version but were sent the 3 goalie version that was illustrated in the image they clicked on. Naturally they wee unhappy. Make sure you specify the single goalie version when ordering.

Let’s be clear here – it’s the single goalie version that you want.  Make sure you state this on your order.

It is perceived that Tornado customer service isn’t what it used to be a year ago. Possibly, but as they wish to keep their dominant position as a major supplier of table games they will be working hard to put things right.

A top quality table and a best seller – buy with confidence.

Buy through Amazon via this link to protect your interests. Amazon have built-in buyer protection. click here to buy the  Tornado Tournament 3000 Football Table

Review: Gold Standard Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table

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Gold Standard Tournament Pro Air Hockey Table

Review of Gold Standard Tournament Pro Air Hockey table

If you love air hockey and you’re looking for possibly the best air hockey table currently available……..congratulations… just found it.

Maybe you’ve been searching for that arcade hockey table you saw a while back cos it was amazing……and every one you come across since just doesn’t match up. It can be like that sometimes. This is the bad boy you’ve been looking out for.

Rule One (YGWYPF) definitely applies here…….but what a beauty it is.

It’s tough.  It’s well made. It’s built like a tank. It’s built to withstand all out war. It’ll survive just about anything you can throw at it. It may even survive an all out attack from Gran!

Seriously, the Gold Standard Tournament Pro Air Hockey table is manufactured to a very high standard. It’s built for arcade play but increasingly families are putting them in home game rooms. Why? Because although it’s expensive, it will last for years. If you ever sell it in the future (though why you would want to I don’t know) it will probably pay you back and more.

Immediately you touch this beast it is obvious it is a top class table. Everything about it shouts ‘quality’. Top grade, industrial strength components are used throughout and the design is has obviously been done by someone who understands air hockey.

Let’s start with the cabinet. It’s ultra strong because its  made from solid wood with a supporting frame AND has 2 cross bean supports for extra rigidity. People lean, push and even fall onto the table during a rigorous game (air hockey isn’t for wimps, after all) so it needs to be strong to take this type of treatment over many years. Whoever put this beauty together knew that and has incorporated it into every aspect of the build. The top rails are wide and strong and low profile – just what is needed for an all action game.

Strength is evident in the construction of the table. It’s sturdy and built to last. The table is strengthened by  double support cross beams which you won’t find in most other tables.

The legs don’t need examination to tell you they are strong and sturdy but go ahead anyway. That’s solid wood, not hollow with veneer. It isn’t moving anywhere.

Under the feet are easy to adjust levellers with sufficient adjustment room to cope with almost any uneven floor. You’ll need one or two people to lift the table whilst you turn the adjusters but it’s super simple to change the height and level on all four legs.

The playing surface is durable because it made from a high quality scratch resistant laminate that was chosen for arcade use, so it will last for years. Comes with game play marking.

Fan / Blowers are commercial strength and specified for strong consistent air-flow.

Electronic scoring system included with new modern design and a side-mounted score display unit.

Two other reasons this table is so good are

1. it was designed with the help of an air hockey Pro (Mark Robbins) and

2. it’s approved for tournament play by  the  USAA  (that’s the Air Hockey Association, not the US Air Force).

I think you can probably tell. I’m quite enthusiastic about this hockey table. But so are others. Reviews are very positive:

“It’s made well. Very sturdy, very heavy. Came on a pallet and the delivery guy had a forklift he had to use to get it from the truck to the garage.”

“Assembly is super easy. You need two people to get it from standing on it’s side (so you can attach the legs) then lift/turn it over so it’s standing up where you placed it.
Play is smooth. The fan blower works every time. It’s an arcade style machine. Looks super cool almost art deco in the living room!”

“table is amazing, it was a surprise gift that everyone is enjoying. I also had questions on delivery and the company that makes the table were outstanding.”

We’ve used this table every day since it arrived. It’s holding up very well.”

In fact I’ve only come across one negative comment about the table – that the fan blower was rather loud. I guess that confirms it is powerful. You can always open the windows or wear ear plugs if it annoys you too much. Why not pretend you are on an ice hockey rink  – wear a logger’s fur hat with ear mufflers!

The only other bad comment I’ve seen is about a poor buying experience. To avoid that…… via Amazon. You are well protected if things do happen to go wrong.

It’s battlefield ready. It’s built to survive. Take it into battle click here to buy through Amazon to buy at a great price from Amazon which includes installation and delivery at the moment.

Rule One   (YGWYPF)  is You Get What You Pay For

Review of Mizerak Donovan II Pool Table

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a good quality mid price range pool table

The Mizerak Donovan II Billiard table is high quality pool table at the upper end of our Mid range quality tables (see TGW Buyer Guide).

Its modern sleek design style allows the table to blend into almost any room location. It looks good and is a table to be proud of. A lot of thought has gone into the design of this modern pool table which uses well-made quality rails made with K66 profile nose rubber producing long life and consistent rebound throughout the life of the table.

The Donovan II has a striking red cloth made from a wool blend which is both durable and produces a smooth, true ball roll. The black cabinet finish with chrome corners and detail give the table a solid, professional look. It is a full size 8’ table.

Possibly the best feature of this table are the feet which allow easy levelling to be done after assembly. Levelling a pool table is not an easy task but these carefully designed feet make the task much easier than many tables.

Mizerak are a reputable manufacturer who actually care about the products they make and ship. They use high quality materials during the manufacture process and provide excellent customer service.

This pool table is very heavy which is a positive comment on the quality and design. It is delivered in 5 sections each one is heavy 2 man lift. It needs careful assembly by at least 2 people. This not an easy task and some people may be put off by the detailed instructions that are provided. If you haven’t assembled a pool table before it may help to find someone that has because care and patience are required. It is a 2-4 hour job NOT a 5 minute one. Check each section carefully for shipping damage as some delivery companies are less careful than others.

We recommend the slate version. Slate produces a better quality table and will outlast any artificial slate material. It makes assembly more difficult but the end result is worth the extra effort.

Slatron version is still a good quality table but Slatron is an artificial man-made material made from compressed fibre board with a plastic outer cover. This is much lighter and cheaper than slate and will warp at some stage because it soaks up moisture and is sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. How long this takes depends on the environment the table is kept in and how well it is looked after. Once it becomes warped it is not possible to unwarp it. If you get five years from it you will have done very well. Slate tables never warp and will last over 30 years if cared for and treated well.

If you really cannot afford a slate table then Slatron is considered to be the best man-made alternative currently available.

Delivered with 2 cues, a set of balls, triangle and chalk.

Nothing’s perfect. What less positive comments have some people said about this table?

Some people found it difficult to assemble. Get help.  After assembly side and ends feel hollow. Not easy to move after assembly. Assemble it in its final position. If you have to move it, take it apart and re-assemble it. Some people didn’t like the chrome corners. Some people didn’t like the pocket nets that collect the balls. The cues that come with the table are not top quality so you may wish to buy replacements.

Overall it’s a good purchase, whichever version you choose.

Protect your interests – buy it through Amazon. They have more buyer protection in place in case the table is damaged or the delivery people screw up.