Ban Gaming Consoles from Games Rooms

Ban Gaming and VR from Games Rooms

Many people have said to me over the past few years that they don’t think video and games consoles should be allowed in a games room. A games room should be for ‘real’ physical table games such as pool and table football.

Hmmm. Well, I see their point of view but I don’t agree with it. A games room should be for relaxing in. It’s an escape room. Somewhere you can unwind and lose yourself; somewhere to get away from the stress of your daily routine; somewhere for playing whatever games you like: pool, football, hockey, shuffleboard, darts, cards, pinball, or video games.

Console and PC games add a new dimension to a games room. Don’t hesitate about putting the latest Playstation or X-Box games on a big screen in your game space.

There are thousands of video games available now and what better place to play these than in your own games room. You could customise the video game space so you have a large dedicated screen to view them on.  It’s even possible to get super comfortable custom made seating specially designed for playing video games; we’ll look at those a little later in a new article.

Playstation, X-Box, Nintendo whatever your preference hook it up in the games room and go for it. Some of the latest games are extra awesome when played on a large screen. I played a Star Wars Battlefront game on a 50” TV screen recently. Absolutely brilliant.  Another mate had a VR version so I got to fly an X-Wing fighter for real. (OK …..I crashed it after 10 seconds the first time; VR takes a bit of getting used to).

Retro games are proving popular. Why? Because many people think that a lot of modern games are just too sophisticated, too clever, too difficult to understand and enjoy with their endless levels; because of that, many family members choose not to play them and get excluded from the games room (unintentionally maybe, but it still happens). Families usually have a games room that all members of the family can enjoy at some time. Sophisticated video gaming can turn some people off so they avoid the games room completely. Not good for family harmony. Not good for extending relationships. Not good for anyone.

Retro games are great fun for everyone regardless of age. Who can remember the SNES (apparently Nintendo are re-releasing SNES next year with some extras.  What was your favourite retro game? The original Super Mario is mine. Zelda has been developed and copied in various forms but the original is still the most popular among ‘senior’ players. Who can remember Donkey Kong?

Which original game system did you have? Atari, SNES, Sega, Wii? Do you still use it? Or have you moved on to a more sophisticated set up?

There really isn’t a problem with putting a games consoles in a games room. The only thing you need to remember is this space is for everyone. Don’t hog it.  Pool, football, air hockey, darts and increasingly table tennis seem to be the most popular traditional games for the family games room. Anyone and everyone can play these games, irrespective of age.  Games Rooms are stress busters and relationship builders. Everyone needs this space. Value it and share it.

Enjoy your games room.

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