About Us

At Table Game World we tell you the things you need to know if you are about to buy a table game.

We are crazy about table games. We love Game Rooms. We want you to have as much fun as we have had over the past 20 years. We’ve also made some howlers when buying some stuff so we’d like to help you to avoid the same mistakes.

Whatever you are thinking of buying – Pool, Football or Hockey  – you’ll want to get your table delivered as soon as you can. Table games are great fun but some people are so keen to get one they overlook some important things when buying and when the table arrives it is disappointing in some way. It’s not what you expected. 

Each product we feature has a short review that gets to the point. Some have a more detailed Full Review. We hope this helps you choose the right table game for you.

Remember, sending back a table game isn’t as easy as sending back a mobile phone and if you are paying the return shipping it can be expensive, so let’s try to get it right.

Whether it’s for home use, in a club or a bar there are several things you need to think about before buying.

Your situation and requirements may be different from someone else. If you are looking for a small pool table for an 8-year-old at home you will need a different table from a club manager who wants a full-size strong table that’s going to be used 24 x 7.

At Table Game World we will look at the main things you need to consider and make some recommendations for the best tables that suit your budget and situation.